About Us

Welcome to the new home of africanslate.co.za

Just a few kilometers from Swartruggens, in the Groot Marico District, you will find the African Slate Quarry. There all our famous products gets mined and manufactured into the stunning pieces of “tile-art” we call slate. After the initial mining and cutting of the tiles, we pack them into standard sized crates for shipment or delivery. The weight of these tile crates can be astounding, depending on what type of tile we put in them. We provide a wide variety of tiles, from Rosa-stone to African-blue, we provide only the best tiles for you. Our tiles are flying off the shelves, for one reason…Quality.
The fact that we have the most competitive prices in our industry is not even mentioned when we ask our clients what they love about African Slate. After the business started many years ago, we realized that our quarry is situated kind of in the middle of nowhere. So we came up with a brilliant idea: We started opening African Slate Depots all around South-Africa.

What have we achieved?

We made it possible that every corner of our country have access to high quality and exceptionally affordable slate that they can buy directly from us, The Quarry. Today we have more than 10 depots country-wide. Feel free to navigate through our website to get all the information you need or you can contact us here.